Download Dota 2 Update – May 15th, 2018 Free Games for Kids on Android and iOS

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Dota 2 Update – May 15th, 2018 Best Games for Kids

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Dota 2 Update – May 15th, 2018 Download Games for Kids

We’ve recently had some bugs with the Cavern Crawl not counting wins correctly. There are two classes of bugs that have caused this. The first is a more general rare case that has happened intermittently where the Cavern Crawl didn’t update its progress based on wins. This scenario has been fixed for some users and will take a few days to go through all affected cases. The second class of bugs happened yesterday for a few hours where the client was displaying incorrect information as to which heroes should be played. Users affected by that have been given Cavern Crawl Keys and additional Battle Points.

– All heroes suggested for banning in Mutation are now banned.
– Fixed a bug that would cause super blink dagger to not show up in its mutation.

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